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• A good reporter should know and make good relations with all the famous personalities of his or her defined area.

• A good reporter should be well educated, and have interest in history, geography, politics, sports, and other human activities.

• He should have an ability to write in a style which is easy to understand. Good spellings, grammar, and punctuation are also required.

• The news business is highly unpredictable, and the person who refuses to work nights, weekends, or holidays usually won't get far. That is why reporter should accept to work irregular hours.

• He should have an ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

• He should have an ability to ask critical questions to the source.

• Reporters have to have an eye for what is newsworthy, what the hook is in a story. Editors are there to help reporters develop good news judgment, but there are times when reporter will have to make snap decisions on their own and find the proper focus for a story.

• Resourcefulness is the "where there's a will, there's a way" person. When a reporter hits a brick wall when chasing down a story, he or she needs to have the kind of mind that can quickly come up with new avenues to try.


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